Do you offer repairs? 

Yes, we certainly do! We offer a wide range of repair services including restorations and remodelling. Whether it is a simple re-join of a chain or a full re-build of a treasured ring we are always here to help. We clean delicate jewellery to restore its original sparkle, supply and set missing stones, re-size rings, rhodium plate white gold, re-string pearls and service watches.

Please take your item/s into one of our stores for assessment and we will be happy to provide you with a quote for the repair.

What if I need my ring to be resized?

It is possible to resize most rings, however, in some instances the style of the gemstone setting will not permit a large increase or decrease in size without substantial damage. We always advise you bring your ring to one of our stores for inspection and quote.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

We are very pleased to offer exquisite complimentary gift wrapping for online orders and in-store purchases. Simply select 'Gift' during checkout and we will do the rest.

What does carat mean?

Carat is the unit of weight or size for a diamond. Diamonds can range in size from a fraction of a carat to several carats.

When considering diamonds of equal quality, the larger stone will have more value.

See our diamond chart for more details.

What does created mean with regard to gemstones?

Created gemstones are grown in strictly controlled laboratory conditions to recreate the brilliance of rare natural gemstones. 

We always label our jewellery to make clear if a gemstone is 'Natural' or 'Created'.

What does TDW mean?

Total weight of the diamonds in the applicable product.

Do you offer engravings?

Yes we offer an in-store engraving service. You can add engraving to any product you buy online buy selecting engraving in the online store, you will then be required to advise us of the message you wish to have engraved via the comments section during checkout. We will then ask you to confirm your order  via email before engraving.

Do you offer Lay-by?

Yes, we do offer a lay-by payment plan for purchases made in-store, this is also extended to custom made items.

A typical term requires a 30% initial deposit, and payment of the balance within 6 weeks of the original transaction date. See instore for further details.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not accept international orders at this time. We hope to be equipped to do so in future.